Kopaonik, March 14 – 17, 2021


Welcome to 14th Photonics Workshop (2021)!

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Dear participants,

Welcome to the 14th Photonics Workshop, that will traditionally be held at Kopaonik, Serbia! The Conference will take place in the "Grand Hotel & Spa", at the center of the mountain resort "Kopaonik", from March 14 – 17, 2021.

Overall concept of the Photonics Workshop: Since the first Photonics Workshop in 2007 the concept has been that scientists and PhD students  from diverse disciplines of photonics are spending five days together at an exciting place like mountain Kopaonik that provides inspirations for knowledge exchange, intensive discussions and interaction between the broad photonics community, coming from different scientific areas but sharing common interests.

Presentations of:

  • keynote lectures (30 min),
  • invited talks (20 min), and
  • progress reports (15 min)

are held from the late afternoon until late evening, so that there will be plenty of opportunities for day time scientific discussions and other activities.