Kopaonik, March 10 – 14, 2019

The Conference will take place at the "JAT" apartments hotel, in the center of the Kopaonik village, 50 m from the bus stop.

Kopaonik is a mountain (2017 m) in central Serbia, stretching 75 km in north-south direction and in some parts up to 40 km wide. Major peaks are: Pančić (2017 m), Suvo Rudište (1976 m), Karaman (1936 m), Gobelja (1934 m).

Due to its natural values, National park "Kopaonik" (118 km2) was established in 1981. It is distinguished by large number of autochthonous plant species, a great diversity of fauna, and with many geomorphological monuments.

Extraordinary natural beauty is a great attraction for tourism and recreation all-year-round, but the most popular are winter sports. Around 160 days a year are snow-covered with lots of snowfall. Ski resort occupies the highest peaks and steepest slopes in the NP. There are 25 ski lifts connecting ~30 ski runs (50 km) of all categories for alpine skiing (including night) and several tracks (18 km) for nordic skiing. In the base of the ski resort lies the Kopaonik village, one of the highest (1700 m) hotel resorts in Europe. The village can be reached by car or by public transportation (bus) from major cities in Serbia: Belgrade (290 km; airport), Novi Sad (380 km) and Niš (120 km; airport).


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